Person to Person
payment cards share

Contactless Payment cards sharing beetween two linked persons.
By the current service design - on Android Mobile phones with NFC readers.

  • Person-to-Person link.
  • No hidden service fees.
  • No geographical limits.

Secure NFC card payments

The application uses mobile phone's NFC reader on one side to read contactless card, transmit card data to the linked remote person's mobile phone, allowing to TAP & PAY with mobile phone like if the cardholder pay with his original card.

  • Secure communication.
  • Card data encryption.
  • Life card processing.

Features by host permissions

The Cardholder person, who share the card, may limit usage of his card.

  • Limit payment amount.
  • Bypass PIN entry.

* Features under the testing and could be limited by the card type.


Fair Price

Service membership
/ month
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  • 1 member account.
  • Paypal subscription.
  • Paypal payer email.
  • Can link with anyone.
  • Priority support.
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To any dependants.
  • Not a service member.
  • No need of payments.
  • Google email account.
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Requirements for card sharing

  • Mobile phone should have NFC contactless reader.
  • Application need permanent Internel connection.
  • set as default payment application.
  • Sign In with Google or member account required.
  • The communication Link established with Emails.